I went into the G&G shop in East Grinstead yesterday and bought the Urtekram Rose Conditioner. I washed my hair and used it last night. I must say, I had to use quite a lot of it but what great results! I am really happy with this conditioner, it is the BEST natural conditioner I have ever used, it has a very mild smell and I notice my hair looks great, healthy and shiny and feels lovely and soft, no frizziness or fluffyness and even feels thicker and fuller! I have never found a natural conditioner that works so well and it is very inexpensive. I would recommed it to my friends.


‘Hi, I run a personal training company…I won a competition with you and ordered the [sublingual] coenzyme Q10 & was impressed.  I’d like to supply my clients with some of your supplements…’ C.S.

“I have just re-ordered [G&G’s] Digestive Complex and wouldld like to say how wonderful they are!… [they] are fantastic and I will continue to use them. Thank you. V.W.

‘This formula of calcium and magnesium has been of enormous benefit to me.  Being a highly absorbable form means that it is more effectice than many other preparations and as such is very useful.  For growing children it supplies essential calcium and magnesium for healthy bones and teeth.  Used as a night time drink, it not only helps aid a good sleep pattern but also helps “knit up the raveled sleeve of care” to quote Shaespeare!.  Dr. D. West, Homeopath, Clinical Ecology, Orthomolecular Medicine.’

‘I have used Cal-M numerous times with very good results.  Persons with muscular cramps benefit from it.  It is the balance and solubility of the calcium and magnesium which produces its effect in nerve/muscle regulation.  Combined with the vitamins and minerals, it acts effectively in a number of circumstances.  I keep samples of it in my proactice and often give it as a drink when a patient comes to see me.  Dr. Simi Khanna

‘I would also like to say how delighted I am with Cal-M.  It is without doubt, the most effectice product that I have used; it ensures a most restful night’s sleep as well as maintaining good bone health.  I would panic if I were to run out of it! – C.B.

‘G&G Vitamins for me, help to take a person away from non-optimum conditions.  The Astaxanthin actually I find to increase the concentration.  energy levels do increase with these vitamins and herbs.  I have taken other comapnies fvitsm and find that they are of no real use.  The Essential Food, Cal-M, IM90 and Astaxanthin are very important to good health.  I stick to the natural stuff – it’s healthier!’. M.H.

‘Last year my father of 95 years, had severe health problems.  I decided to add G&G vitaminerals because I knew they would supplement his food.  This is why I strongly advise this G&G product.  Today my father stongly enjoys Vitaminerals, they supported his diet which enabled a marked improvement in his health’. R.V.P.

‘This [Essentials Executive Pack] is a highly recommended pack for people who have a lot of work and not time to enjoy life.  I recommend to anyone…God bless G&G and all who work in G&G’ B.M.

‘G&G thanks for your administration as well as the G&G team for putting and keeping up what I consider the best place to buy vitamins and minerals.  Definately, I will keep on buying from you guys because your standards are high’. C.N.


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